Ido Plotnizky

Ido was originally a bit of an outsider to the design and exhibition world, completing his B.A. in Communications and Management; he had to start from the bottom and learn everything about the exhibition world from scratch, through different workshops and seminars. Working as a freelancer for many years, Ido had produced exhibitions and booths for key companies all over the world, also working with BARZILAI for the first time in 2013; after 4 years of collaborations Ido joined BARZILAI full time as a Production Manager, bringing on board great knowledge, plenty of experience in overall production and innovative ideas and techniques. Ido is married and has two kids. His favorite pastime is chilling on the couch with his wife watching TV; he is also a huge foodie, loves to cook and is always on the lookout for the best restaurants wherever he goes.

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