Orit Asher

Orit leads the marketing activities for BARZILAI, making sure the brand’s key messages are communicated among the team, as well as with existing and potential clients. She delights in the creative space that defines her professional playground, delving into her mission of placing BARZILAI in every exhibitors’ reach. You could say she’s a creative ‘mixologist’, applying creative content through digital tools combined with strategic tactics and analytical skills to share our unique selling points with the world. To meet her objectives, Orit commands multiple channels including our website, social media, marketing portfolio and newsletters to implement effective communication techniques and deliver measurable results.

Prior to joining BARZILAI she led the marketing activities for a global consumer electronics corporation and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide her. She loves to travel and explore new cultures in her free time, feeding her curious and imaginative mind.

Motto: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van-Gogh

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