Merav Oliva Barzilai

Merav’s truest passion is the reason why we’re here today. Channeling her fiery enthusiasm to what she loved most, since childhood, earned her top honors as an Industrial Design graduate. In 2000, Merav founded BARZILAI and under her leadership, the company has become synonymous with powerful brand experiences in the international exhibition industry, touching many industries, from mobile to luxury brands, defense to medical aesthetics. With more than 24 years of experience, Merav brings a distinct, creative eye with a sharp sense of aesthetics that guides every client’s project. She is personally involved in each endeavor, with an exceptional capacity for strong visual interpretation and an air of passion and excellence that reflect her ability to grasp the full picture while tuning into the most intricate details. Merav possesses the innate strength to continually inspire the team to aim high, expand their perception and venture beyond seeming limitations. These very core values have resulted in a track record that reflects the company’s enduring capacity to meet the most demanding design and realization challenges.

Motto:  “It’s not a successful climb, unless you enjoy the journey.”


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