Francesco Oliva

Amicable and charming, Francesco is fluent in five languages and having lived in many countries, has a natural talent for connecting with people of different backgrounds and cultures. A true cosmopolitan! In fact, name any exhibition venue on the planet and he has worked there. While some may live for the destination, Francesco is an avid believer in the importance of the journey, a vision which matches his enduring patience and whole-hearted dedication to exceed clients’ expectations. His Italian roots are undeniable in his aesthetic expression and keen eye for design. Resourceful and solution-oriented, challenges are molded into creative experiences under Francesco’s direction – a trait that is highly valued among colleagues and distinguished clients. The path to fulfilling our objectives matters and Francesco’s positive energy is a source of inspiration that guides our working principles in the field. In 2005, Francesco joined BARZILAI as a business partner, directing the account management team, extending support to global production teams, and has since set the most demanding European standards of quality production and services offered by the company.

Motto:  “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing!”




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