Eden Nemenoff

Eden brings eight years’ experience in various marketing & sales roles; he is well-equipped with proven skills and strategies to help the company reach new and existing markets and steer the business forward. Leveraging his positive spirit, self-starter attitude and people-first approach, Eden is a wizard in researching, identifying and securing new leads. He is the first person to meet with clients and works with them to construct an initial roadmap of the brand goals and values to ensure every centimeter of exhibitions space is well-invested and thought-out when we get the brief.

Off hours, Eden enjoys meeting friends and cultivating an active lifestyle. On this ‘last read’ of books/podcasts is ‘How full is your bucket’, ‘Eat that frog’, and NLP- the guides for happiness. He is currently working on a big project to rescue dogs from shelters.

Motto: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – W. Gretzky


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